Members Musicales

Among the most popular programs the Leschetizky Association offers, the Members Musicales are informal performance opportunities for members to try their pieces before their peers, true to the tradition of Leschetizky’s studio. They take place in the salons of members, and feature refreshments and good conversation afterwards. Chaired by François Nezwazky, the programs feature members who have pieces ready to play and who have submitted their repertoire and performance times (see guidelines) for inclusion on the program.

Due to popular demand, the number of meetings across the season has been increased, and Zoom has allowed participation from afar, including Ontario chapter members. In recognition of this new factor, we anticipate offering special programs for Zoom participants.

The Members Musicales Committee chooses a number of the regular participants to perform at the Annual Members Recital at Tenri Cultural Institute, in April or May each year.

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