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Most piano teachers organize performance classes and annual recitals for their own students, but opportunities for them to meet and hear other students play are few, especially for the younger ones. The Leschetizky Association has for many decades sponsored Youth Concerts in New York and in New Jersey which are open to members teaching in the area. In this past year of Zoom, they’ve been open to LA members worldwide, and we anticipate organizing hybrid live/Zoom events going forward.

The Youth Concerts are open to members’ students 18 and younger. We no longer specify a younger age limit, as we’ve had some amazingly accomplished four-year-olds on recent programs. There are Youth Concerts NY scheduled in December and June, Youth Concerts NJ in January or early February.

In order to provide openings for as many teachers as possible, there are guidelines (see below) as to how many students each teacher may submit per age group for each of these events, and how many minutes each student may play. The settings are semi-formal: students are encouraged to dress appropriately for a concert, and parents and guests are invited. Venues include Tenri Cultural Institute, where the LA houses its Steinway “B” piano, Klavierhaus, and Montclair State University.

Late in February we sponsor the adjudicated Gifted Young People’s Concerts, in New York. Teachers are strongly encouraged to enter their students in the non-adjudicated Youth Concerts NY and NJ in preparation. There are three concerts, on the same day: preteens, early teens (13-15), and late teens (16-18). The judges evaluate the performances not on age/level, but on good preparation, good teaching, and good musicianship. The emphasis is on encouraging students and rewarding their efforts, as well as recognizing their teachers’ efforts. The judges select a number of students at the Gifted Young People’s Concerts to perform again the following Sunday on the Annual Awards Concert at Tenri Cultural Institute.

The youngsters are inspired by the pieces they hear the others playing and enjoy meeting them. The parents and grandparents are generally thrilled to bits, and the teachers enjoy a chance to chat.

Youth Concerts Guidelines.pdf

For members’ students 18 and older, we sponsor the annual Artist Student Recital. This concert is an opportunity for advanced-level students to play concert-ready repertoire in a public performance in New York City. The standard of playing is usually stellar, with participants from the local conservatories as well as those in neighboring cities.

Artist Student Recital Guidelines.pdf

The form below can be used for Youth Concerts NY, Youth Concerts NJ, the Gifted Young People’s Concerts, and the Artist Student Recital.

There is a $30 fee per student, $20 for Zoom events. You may send payment via the PayPal button below, or a check, made out to The Leschetizky Association, may be sent directly to Young Drago at 37-21 90th Street, Jackson Heights, NY 11372.  Please consult the Guidelines above and correspond with the event director before sending payment!

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